musculoskeletal-imgSIDS Hospital is the one of the finest hospitals with specialties like Medical Gastroenterology, Surgical Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Critical care and Interventional Radiology which ensures quality of service and focuses on safety of the patients as it continuously works on assuring and improvement of quality.

Committed to reach out to those in need and provide the best medical care.  The Hospital is one of the leading quality health care providers in South Gujarat region.

Quality Objectives

  • To train the staff to update their skills
  • Constantly strive to improve patient satisfaction index
  • Improve the quality perceived by the patients
  • Improve medical care efficiencyorthopaedic-img
  • Promote self evaluation

SIDS Hospital is continuously striving to emphasize on the Mission and Motto of the Hospital in order to:

  • To ensure patient and employee safety
  • To ensure service affordability and accessibility
  • To ensure patient confidentiality
  • To ensure quality medical services delivered to our patients
  • To educate patients about their rights and responsibilities