Emergency Department (ED) is the front-line area of patient care in the hospital and is responsible for providing early access, appropriate transport and treatment in its pre-hospital care, and quality emergency care to all emergency patients visiting the hospital.

The ED broadly has two areas of operations:

  • Emergency Medical Services (Pre-hospital care in ambulance, provided by emergency medical technicians & ambulance drivers)
  • Emergency Room (In-hospital care, provided by emergency doctors, emergency nurses, and other allied staff)

Mission of Emergency Departments

  1. Improve access to emergency care for the community by providing state of the art pre-hospital emergency medical services.
  2. Appropriate and rapid triage, focused assessment ,investigation, treatment and interventions for all patients as per the clinical need.
  3. Demonstrate compassion, empathy and warmth while delivering the clinical care towards patients and their families.
  4. Leadership in disaster preparedness, Multi casualty Incident Response in both pre-hospital and in-hospital arena.
  5. Achieve highest levels of confidence in services rendered by the department for internal and external users.