Middle aged male with huge tumor in left upper abdomen, involving left kidney, renal vein, adrenal gland, pancreas, spleen, left hemi colon, duodenum and proximal jejunum and part of liver was removed successfully and patient is happily discharged free of tumor

80 years old female with Gall stone related pancreatitis 20 days before, was stented and pancreatitis was relieved. she was posted for lap cholecystectomy. which was done with 3 ports in 25 mins and she recovered well. She found to have one of the longest Gall Bladder measuring 20 cm (normal size is around 5-6…

On 1st of February we have completed 2 years in public health services at our City. We have treated more than 66,000 patient on OPD bases >18500 Ultrasonography >16000 Endoscopic procedures >7500 IPD admissions >1500 Operative procedures successfully completed.

POEM – The procedure which has revolutionized the endoscopic management of Achalazia Cardia treatment. NO SCAR, NO PAIN & MAXIMUM GAIN.

esophagus PARTS

Here in our new center we have now completed 100 successful POEM procedures.

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